CRST Trucking

CRST Trucking has been one of the leaders in the industry since they were founded in 1955. One of the nation’s largest privately held transportation companies, CRST provides many different trucking services. CRST trucking services include:

Expedited Team Service – CRST trucking specializes in team-driving, which allows them to travel 1,100 miles in 24 hours. No other trucking company can take a trucking load further, faster.

Flatbed – CRST trucking has been the flatbed leader since 1928. They’ve been able to do this because they understand the importance of freight diversity. More than 1,400 independent contractors work with CRST trucking and they have experts in hauling everything from standard steel and machinery to glass and stadium scoreboards.

Brokerage – Brokerage services from CRST trucking are optimal because the company relates to more than 30,000 transportation service providers. They understand how to match an individual’s needs to the carrier. When a product needs to be delivered on time and on budget, CRST is the name to trust.

Dry Van – A lot of transportation companies offer dry van services, but only CRST trucking can offer the experience and customer service needed to ensure all transportation needs are met.

LTL – Not everyone needs CRST to provide trucking services with a full trailer or flatbed. CRST is happy to consolidate loads so that it makes sense for their customers. Multiple destinations can also be reached utilizing the cost-effective LTL transportation services

High Value/White Glove Services – CRST trucking experts understand that high value products need to be handled with extra care. The experts at CRST are trained on how to properly load and ship high value items like tech gear, fine art, industrial equipment and more. When extra care needs to be provided, CRST is ready to deliver.

Drayage – There are experts in the port drayage transportation field who specialize in our customers needs. CRST has multiple offices close to the ports so they can offer timely service in person when needed. The company currently operates more than 250 trucks in different ports and cities.

And Much More – To learn more about the expert CRST Trucking services provided by the company, visit their website at